The policy of Nam Phat Dat Petrol Transportation Company Limited is:
“No job is so important and urgent that it forces crews to violate safety regulations or suffer from risks of accidents or illness to complete the work”

To ensure successful implementation of this policy, the company set up, implement, maintain and perfect safety - labor management system applying to the Company Office and crew managed by the company in order to achieve the following objectives:
1.Set up safe operations in the exploitation of vessel and safe working environment;
2.Assess risks and establish health safety measures for people and vessels and environment;
3.Continuously improve health safety management skills of employees on shore and crew on vessels, including readiness to respond to any emergencies related to safety, health and environmental protection.
4.Continuously improve the effectiveness of safety- labor management system through periodic review of policies, objectives and procedures, carry out modifications when necessary.
The Company’s safety management system is established to ensure compliance with the function requirements stipulated in International Safety Management Code, Ship and Sea Port Security Code and 2006 maritime labor Convention:

-Follow mandatory norms and regulations;
-Pay attention to basic code and principles and appropriate standards recommended by the International Maritime Organization, Maritime Administrations, decentralization organization and maritime industrial organizations.
the Company’s safety - labor management system apply to type of oil vessels, oil products and chemicals.

Ho Chi Minh City, 10 February 2014.

Hoang Thi Thu Lan