Introduction About the company

Nam Phat Dat Petrol Transportation Company Limited (International trading name: NAM PHAT DAT PETROL TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD.) was official put into operation on 12 July 2012.gioi-thieu


 As one of Vietnam’s transportation companies, specializing in the field of exploiting oil vessels, trading in petroleum, leasing oil vessels; oil vessel agency; maritime broker, supply of material for oil vessels, supplying fuel for ships, viscosine for repair and maintenance of ships. In addition, the company also operates in other fields such as trading in international multimodal transport; logistics services; service of agency of customs clearance, passenger transportation services riverway and seaway, resort and tourism services etc. as well as joint venture and associated activities.


 From its establishment until now, with domestic and international staff with experience in management and techniques of vessels, NAM PHAT DAT constantly improves its competitiveness, management skills and has earned the trust of customers inside and outside the country, and achieved great success and overcome market challenges, even in the most difficult period of international marine transportation.

  Currently, NAM PHAT DAT has established, performed, maintained and operate the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System (SQEMS) effectively and regularly focuses, adds and improves the effect of system as required by the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code), ISO 9001: 2008 and the Maritime Labour Convention to minimize risks and ensure the interests of customers . We hope our quality of services and professional service style will further promote business relations and cooperation between the Company and customers around the world, and create a prosperous and sustainable development future.